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Karaoke Dictionary

CDG (CD+G) - standard disc format for karaoke discs. It is a CD-Audio disc with extra sub-tracks for text graphics. So, you have CD quality audio (uncompressed) and text graphics of 320x240 pixels, so text may look pixelated. All karaoke players/systems support this format. Not all normal CD/DVD players can display the text-graphics.

MP3G (MP3+G) - Using CDG RIP software you can transfer a CDG disc to your computer. For each song you'll get two files: song-name.mp3 and song-name.cdg. These two files are called MP3G. Not all karaoke players/systems support this format. You'll need to convert to a video format (.avi) - look for CDG-to-video software.

DVD Karaoke - these discs have the DVD-Video logo, so you can play them in any DVD player. Not all have a video/animated background since many producers simply convert the songs from already published CDG library to the DVD format.

CDGM (CDG MULTIPLEX) - these CDG discs have usually 8 songs recorded twice (8+8): one instrumental version (without lead vocal) and one with lead vocal, recorded on one channel. With these discs you can use VOCAL CANCEL and VOCAL PARTNER functions.

VOCAL CANCEL - pressing this button while you sing stops the lead vocal so only your voive is heared. Works only with CDG MULTIPLEX discs.

VOCAL PARTNER - is a VOCAL CANCEL activated by your voice. When you stop singing the lead vocal is heared, when you sing only your voice is heared. Works only with CDG Multiplex discs.

VOCAL ELIMINATOR (CANCELATION) - usefull with non-karaoke audio CDs, if you like to sing a song and you don't have the karaoke version. This function can reduce up to 90% of the vocals while keeping the instrumental part.

KEY CONTROL  - allows you to change the key of the instrumental part according to your voice in semi-tone steps, up/down.

VOICE EFFECTS - tune-up your vocal performance with ECHO, REVERB and other effects, applied in combinations. All your favourites pop-stars use them so is a must!. Depending of your gear, they can be assigned to a specific microphone channel and/or canceled with ON/OFF switch. Quality depends on DSP procesing.

ECHO  - available on all karaoke players/systems. You can adjust ECHO's parameters like REPEAT, DELAY and volume.

REVERB - available only on high-end systems few years ago, it becomes more accesible. You must find the right combination of ECHO + REVERB.

VOCAL ENHANCER - special effect used at Holywood for boosting vocal performance of singers/actors. Available on selected models.

PITCH CONTROL - can't keep up? lower the speed without changing the key. Available on professional CDG players.

KARAOKE AMPLIFIER - or mixing amp. Usually in the range of 100-300W max. Incorporates a mixer with karaoke functions: KEY CONTROL, VOCAL CANCEL/PARTNER, ECHO etc. Several audio-video (AV) inputs/outputs.

ALL-IN-ONE - a system that includes all components needed: CDG/DVD player, mixer, amplifier, speakers.